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ROCK-nmMyoll, Notch and Neurog3 gene-dosage link epithelial morphogenesis with cell fate in the pancreatic endocrine-progenitor niche

During mouse pancreatogenesis, endocrine cells are born from progenitors residing in an epithelial plexus niche called the ‘plexus state’, which comprises of a web-like epithelium arising around embryonic day E12.5 from within an anlage of multipotent progenitors (MPC). The progressive replacement of the plexus by an arbor-like ductal epithelium is associated with an abrupt reduction in the ability to produce new endocrine cells.   

Luminescent Detectors and Killers of Cancer Cells

Apoptosis is a process of programmed cell death as a result of injury, immune reactions, aging, homeostasis, and defense mechanism. Necrosis acts opposite to apoptosis by inducing cell death that is not programmed and occurs in sudden or accidental situations. Conditions like anxiety and trauma cause changes in these two body processes that lead to many serious health issues like cancer due to imbalance in cell death and cell proliferation.

Peptide YY Causes Apathy-Like Behavior via the Dopamine D2 Receptor in Repeated Water-Immersed Mice and ninjinyoeito may improve it

Neuropsychiatric disorders often lead to various other health issues such as reduction of goal directed behaviors, apathy, incidence of co-morbidities, and eating disorders such as anorexia particularly in older patients. Apathy is a neuropsychiatric syndrome the characterized by lack of motivation, emotion imbalance, altered state of consciousness (ASOC), and intellectual impairment.

Let’s Trap Cancer Cells from Blood, Grow, Re-collect, and Analyze Them

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are the main seeds that are responsible for the metastasis in the cancer patient. Primary tumor cells are the site of origin form where they shed and spread to distinct body organs through the bloodstream. In cancer patients, these prove to be the leading cause of death. Glass bead filter (GBF) is a new technique that is used to isolate,grow and re-collect CTCs. Both, biological and physical, methods are used for the collection of CTCs from the blood.

Elucidation of the Secret of How Common Carp Fish Use Zinc to Resist Anoxia Leads to Potential Use of Zinc Supplementation in Anemia Treatment

The common carp Cyprinus carpio is one of the few species of fish that can tolerate extremely low oxygen levels. Professor Sen-Shyong Jeng and his colleagues found extraordinarily higher zinc levels in the digestive tract tissues (~300 μg/g tissue) of the common carp than in those of other fish (~20 μg/g tissue), as first reported more than 40 years ago (Jeng and Lo, 1974). However, the biological implications of this high level of zinc have only been revealed recently.

Targeted Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy by EGFR-Specific Peptide-Decorated Polymersomal Doxorubicin


Resisting chemoresistance: regulation of cancer-related pathways to hinder mitochondrial FoxO3A pro-survival activity


Activation of PD-L1 by the Hippo pathway in cancer immune evasion