Prof. Yoshifumi Nishimura

About the author

Prof. Yoshifumi Nishimura received his Ph. D degree in 1976 from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Tokyo on UV resonance Raman spectroscopy of biological molecules, and then worked as an instructor and Associate Professor in the Faculty. In 1989, he moved into Graduate School of Yokohama City University as a Professor and worked on NMR spectroscopy of several transcription factors. Professor Nishimura has been working on structural epi-genomics by NMR, and now is an Adviser to the President of Yokohama City University and also a Project Leader of NMR Platform, which contains 950 MHz, 800 MHz, 700 MHz, 600 MHz, and 500 MHz NMR spectrometers, in the Graduate School of Medical Life Science of Yokohama City University.

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