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medicine innovates basic scienceAbout Medicine Innovates

The goal of Medicine Innovates is to be a professional resource – a platform to provide leadership to the biomedical and translational research and promote understanding and support for medical research and its impact on health and healthcare.

The successful achievement of this objective will transform and strengthen significantly the capability of to conduct pioneering research and to compete successfully in an environment that requires high-quality, interactive, technology-driven, collaborative research.


Our Mission

The mission of the Medicine Innovates is to create and disseminate knowledge with the aim of preventing disease and promoting the health of populations worldwide.

Central to this mission is putting science into action. Our goal is to focus on the creation, nurturing and sharing of ideas, approaches, concepts and prototypes which will help create dramatic improvements to the public’s health.

Key scientific articles demonstrate that their publication includes novel and ground-breaking results that represent a major advancement for the research area and has the potential to generate new hypotheses. 

Medicine Innovates recognizes the need for supporting public health research and seeks to provide an environment for stimulating innovation through:

  • Mechanisms to promote innovative thinking
  • Expertise and mentorship
  • New partnerships across diverse fields including health and technology, business development,
  • Significant advances in our approaches to public health problems
  • Training for a new generation of life sciences and medical graduates who understand state-of-the-world methods for enhancing knowledge and translate it into better qualit of life for patients.

One of our goals is to create a safe place for taking these risks, moving beyond the journal articles into the real world.

Medicine Innovates news series is a global leader in trustworthy and timely cutting edge medical research news. Medicine Innovates is a Canadian non-profit organization established in 2010. The senior management team has extensive experience in top North American academic and clinical institutions and pharmaceutical industry. Medicine Innovates recognizes the contributions of scientists, and clinicians who have made major advances in the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of human disease. Medicine Innovates news series ensure that the results of excellent medical research are rapidly disseminated throughout the world, in a fashion that conveys their significance for advancing scientific knowledge and promote better health for human kind.
Medicine Innovates Objectives: To offer readers the depth and breadth of breaking news about the latest scientific discoveries and advancement of medicine. Medicine Innovates saves you countless hours of professional reading each year, without the worry of missing vital medical research news. Qualified reporters and public relation officers can access breaking news about key scientific articles in cancer, stem cell research, drug discovery articles, nanotechnology articles and Immunology. Journalists are encouraged to contact Global Medical Discovery to distribute the most worthy medical research news. To promote the status of talented scientists in the academic and medical community. Featured research papers are recognized as exceptional achievement in bio-medical research.
Readership & Reach Medicine Innovates is trusted medical research news and has collaborated and featured research work of Nobel prize winners, distinguished professors and internationally renowned scholars. The content is mainly targeted to an educated audience of life sciences and medical students, scientists, professors and clinicians. To “make science matter” and to facilitate communication between medical researchers and the public as well as policy makers, a new section on Medicine Innovates featured articles was recently established “significance statement” which provides a clear explanation of the importance of the research in a manner accessible to a wide audience.