Dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove

About the author

Philippe Vandekerckhove, M.D./PhD, pathologist, is the CEO of the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders.

Prior to this position Philippe worked as Clinical Director of the University Hospital Leuven from where he also obtained his M.D./PhD and Pathology degree. His clinical and pathology training was further carried out in South Africa (Baragwanath – University of Johannesburg, and Groote Schuur Hospital – University of Cape Town), the US (Woods Hole Marine Biology Laboratory, University of Hawaii, New York University), and The Netherlands (Erasmus University, Rotterdam).

In addition, Philippe studied healthcare management at INSEAD (France) and general management at Harvard Business School. He has published about 60 articles in peer reviewed journals, and 5 chapters in textbooks, mainly in the field of immunology, hematology, blood banking and evidence-based medicine.

Philippe is associate professor at the Faculties of Medicine of the University of Leuven and the University of Ghen. He holds non-executive positions as president of the European Blood Alliance, president of GAP, member of the governing board of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and of the investment committee of Flanders’ Care Invest (Flemish government). In his spare moments, he enjoys jogging, natural horsemanship and time and travel spent in natural surroundings.

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