Prof. Isabel Haro

About the author

Prof. Isabel Haro. Senior Staff. B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Barcelona, 1982. M.Sc. Biochemistry,University of Barcelona, 1984. Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Barcelona, 1988. Postdoctoral fellow (1989-1990) between CSIC in Barcelona and Royal Free Hospital in London (Prof. G. Gregoriadis). Research Scientist at CSIC leading the Unit of Synthesis and Biomedical Applications of CSIC in 1990. Since then she has been working in the use of synthetic peptides in the field of biomedicine, specifically in the development of new biosensors for the diagnosis of human illnesses and in the selection of new therapeutic agents of peptide origin through biophysical testing. She has published more than 180 articles, 8 reviews, 30 chapters of books and 8 patents. Also, she has been the principal researcher of 15 research projects and 3 contracts with the industry and supervised 12 doctoral theses. e-mail contact: [email protected]

Global Medical Discovery featured article: Definition of an 18-mer Synthetic Peptide Derived from the GB virus C E1 Protein as a New HIV-1 Entry Inhibitor