Dr. Veronique Chotteau

About the author

Dr. Veronique Chotteau [M. Sc. Electrical Engineering, M. Sc. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Ph.D. Biotechnology/Automatic Control (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)] has ≥ 25 years of experience in mammalian cell culture including ≥ 10 years in biopharmaceutical industry at Pharmacia Upjohn, Biovitrum (nowadays Swedish Orphan Biovitrum). Her expertise covers process development: perfusion (e.g. recombinant factor VIII ReFacto), fed-batch, stem cell bioprocessing, small-, pilot- and commercial scale, GMP, project management, evaluation of new projects. Since 2008, Dr. Chotteau is Principal Investigator, leading the group of Cell Technology at the Biotechnology Faculty, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Her group is world-leader in high cell density perfusion of mammalian cell-based processes for biopharmaceutical production, and is highly active in mathematical modeling of culture process, as well as in human stem cell bioprocessing.

Global Medical Discovery featured article: Very high cell density perfusion of CHO cells anchored in a non-woven matrix-based bioreactor